Welcome to the Kentucky Sleep Society

The Kentucky Sleep Society is an organization of medical professionals throughout the state of Kentucky committed to promoting quality in the practice of sleep medicine. KSS members are dedicated to educating the public, healthcare professionals and community leaders in the importance of sleep and related disorders.

We encourage you to attend a great program the Summer Sleep Medicine Conference to be held in Owensboro, KY on July 12th.

This will be a great program!  We are fortunate to have a nationally recognized speaker – Robyn Woidtke, MSN-Ed, RN, BSBH, RPSGT, CCP  who is a certified sleep educator and teaches with the BPRT and AAST providing continuing education for sleep professionals.

She will be  addressing some key issues and concerns for PAP use and education that is required for obtaining PAP adherence.

Plan to attend to hear outstanding speakers.

Click on the link to obtain the conference program and for the registration information - Summer Sleep Medicine Conference

We welcome you to attend the 16th Annual Sleep Medicine Conference in Louisville, KY at the Marriott East, October 11-12, 2014.

To register by phone:  call Kathryn at 859-312-8880.

Program brochure included:  Annual Sleep Brochure 2014

Social Media Policy

The Kentucky Sleep Society has carefully reviewed social media policies developed by leaders in the industry. To be fair and balanced with our mission in mind, we have posted a social media policy to protect our members and our partners in the sleep medicine network. The Administrators for our facebook page each day to ensure the content demonstrates respect for the industry and the opportunity to educate. We invite you to read the policy here: Social Media Policy


“Blessings on him who first invented sleep. It covers a man all over, thoughts, and all like a cloak. It is meat for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, heat for the cold, and cold for the hot. It makes the shepherd equal to the monarch, and the fool to the wise.”

From DON QUIXOTE By Saavedra M. de Cervantes